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  52. Directions:

  Write an essay of 160-180 words based on the following picture.

  In your essay, you should

  1) describe the picture briefly.

  2) interpret its intended meaning, and

  3) give your comments.



  As is vividly depicted in the picture, in the first picture there are a lot of books besides a boy, but he doesn’t read any of them. By contrast, the second one portrays that another boy makes a plan of reading: 20 books one year. In fact, the phenomenon in the picture doesn’t surprise us at all. Simple as it is, the intended meaning of the picture is worth our reflecting.

  Undoubtedly, the cartoonist aims at reminding us of the significance of reading and knowledge . At the top of the list, we should attach importance to reading mainly due to that it can enable us to ameliorate ourselves so we can be qualified for future career promotion, and be ready for meeting the forthcoming challenges.What’s more, we ought to place a high value on the role played by knowledge in personal growth. Put it another way, in this ever-changing world, knowledge accumulation is to personal growth what water is to fish. To sum up, if reading and knowledge miss our attention in any possible way, we will suffer a great loss beyond imagination.

  Hence, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from the above picture. For one thing, we should frequently use it to enlighten the young. For another, we should cultivate the awareness of teenagers that reading is very vital. Only by doing so, can we become winner in the face of difficulties.










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